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Avocado and Vegemite anyone?

Updated: May 12, 2022

Until a week ago this particular combo on toast was completely foreign to me. Turns out it's pretty damn good.

Faster than boiling an egg ... why not get creative and add some colour and spice to that beige breakfast?!

I do like routine. Like many of us, I’m sure; without it, our lives are often chaotic. But I also like to try new things and experiment.

Two years ago I started painting.

I didn’t have a lot of knowledge about artistic techniques or how to do art, I just knew I wanted to give it a go. When my little one was napping, I'd be madly pinning things to various boards on Pinterest - my happy place and a gold mine of inspiration.

It's been an organic process, where things have evolved naturally. By trying new methods and mediums I've been able to develop my own style little by little. Feeling more confident piece by piece. Building knowledge through trial and error.

The whole experience has been about exploring new creative outlets, delving into the unknown and continuing to learn and grow.

I've come to love the freedom and spontaneity of abstract art. I love that it can't be wrong - we all see a different perspective. My lovely 'Abstract Petal' is someone else's 'Pig's Nose'. True story. I was crushed... lol!

I took part in the Art Street Fair in Auckland at the weekend. It was a totally new experience and what a wonderful and special day!

Inspired by art streets around the world, it really did celebrate the creativity of the city and its people. With such a relaxed atmosphere, it was so nice to meet new people, chat about the art and hear their own stories.

It reminded me that creativity takes courage. The artists, musicians and performers were all expressing themselves in new and original ways and for all to see.

Have you thought about trying something new lately? It's certainly good for the soul!

Now back to new and exciting creations on toast - maybe caviar? Might need to sell a few more paintings first...

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